Old Nick’s Pub is Lewisville’s gathering place.

In England the term “pub” means “community living room”• and that is exactly what we hope you feel like when you visit with us. Kick back, relax, enjoy the company of family and good friends in a warm, inviting and relaxing environment.

Enjoy leisurely recreational activities (all free) like cornhole, foosball, dominoes, darts and pool in the company of of your friends. Watch sports on our HD wide screen TV’s, engage in lively conversation, attend a live music performance or a “Tasting Event” to learn about the unique properties of different liquors or sample our 10 different craft beers on tap. We have many events going on every week so check back often to see what’s happening!




Lewisville is a unique community and we hope to bring neighbors, residents and community members together. Old Nick’s is where friends can meet up for a cold beer or a friendly game of pool, darts, foosball, or cornhole.

Old Nick’s Pub opened its doors on the last sequential date of the century: 12/13/14. The bartenders hit the ground running, pouring 23 different drafts from 10 taps over the first five weeks. They proudly serve beers from seven North Carolina breweries: Foothills, Hoots, Highland, Howard, Old Hickory, Red Oak, and Beer Army Combat. “And we’re just getting started,” says proprietor, Jennifer Hill. “There are over 100 breweries in North Carolina, so we plan to sample more.”

In addition to local drafts and a solid wine selection, the pub boasts an impressive and internationally focused cocktail menu. Determined to order the most obscure drink? Try the Pisco Sour, which uses a Peruvian liquor with fresh lime juice, simple syrup, bitters, and egg whites. Or sip a better known but equally refreshing libation such as the Dark & Stormy with Gosling’s Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum.

The pub currently operates as a private club with a $1 lifetime membership. While there isn’t a kitchen on site, there are a few good food establishments within walking distance.