League and Tournament Hours

On some evenings, the pool tables and darts boards may not be available due to league and tournament play. As play ends, the tables or boards will be available to everyone.

League and Tournament Play:
Sundays 6:30p – 9:30p, WS Sunday Night Dart League
Mondays 7:00p – 11:00p, Luck of the Draw Darts Tournament. Everyone welcome. Mystery out. $5 entry.
Tuesdays 7:00p – 11:00p, PDA Dart League
Tuesdays 7:00p – 10:00p Pool League
Thursdays 7:00p – 9:00p, Members Pool Tournament. Everyone welcome. $5 entry.

Nights when we have a band, dart and pool tables will be limited from 9:00p – 12:00a.

Thanks for your understanding. We encourage all members to join in the fun by playing in either the darts or pool tournaments. All skill levels are welcome.

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